Dainty Sloth Handwarmer Set

Dainty Sloth Handwarmer Set

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This hand warmer set is the perfect little stocking stuffer or gift item for kiddos and adults alike. 

Ideas for use:

  • Warm them up and throw them in your boots before you leave the house.
  • Warm them up and put them in your gloves. 
  • Warm them up and put them in your coat pockets. 
  • Warm them up and sit with them on your lap while you relax.

Created from cotton canvas + rice. 

To heat, Microwave for 30 seconds. As microwaves may vary, test warmth and continue to heat at 15 second intervals until desired temperature is reached. Do not overheat.

Surface clean only! Hand warmers are full of rice and should not get wet.

Size and print placement may vary slightly as it is a handmade item.