Scavenger Hunt

Birthday parties have been difficult during Covid - if they are happening at all... Should you decide you want to proceed and have a few kids celebrate with your kiddo - outside parties can still take place before winter closes in AND most parks are free. 

My oldest son just turned 7 and we had a handful of friends meet us at the park to celebrate, the kids had a blast! One of the activities the kids enjoyed was this scavenger hunt. I really didn't give any directions, just handed them the sheet of paper and a pencil. They ran about helping each other and trying to find each item (the most difficult was the worm which is why it is now simply "bug"). 

Check out this FREE scavenger hunt printable that you can print and copy and use as many times as you'd like - you're welcome! 

 * If you are having trouble with this format click on this PDF link:

Birthday Svavenger Hunt by Fern&ArrowWorkshop

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