Birthday Parties

Birthday parties are getting intense. Right? 

I remember a few birthday parties when I was a kid - they seemed so simple. We would choose a date, Mom would buy the little invitations from the store and we'd hand them out at school.

We never rented a venue. We used the park, neighbors pools, our backyard, etc. We didn't have sack races and pony rides - we played in the sand box, swam, or simply just sat.

Party favors? I recall coming home from friend parties with a hat and a fringed blow out thing. NOW, kids are sending home a full on gift to all the attendees.... I won't lie - I have two kids and we've overdone the party favor thing too, but out of my feeling it was necessary because the other Moms are doing it.

So. Much. Stress. 

Well, I'm happy to tell you - NO MORE STRESS! I hope that this space can be a great resource for you to find some party inspiration, freebies, and a no stress way to make your kiddos party fun (and, ahem) CUTE.

I think PINK! said it right.... Let's Get This Party Started! 

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