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Scavenger Hunt

Birthday parties have been difficult during Covid - if they are happening at all... Should you decide you want to proceed and have a few kids celebrate with your kiddo - outside parties can still take place before winter closes in AND most parks are free.  My oldest son just turned 7 and we had a handful of friends meet us at the park to celebrate, the kids had a blast! One of the activities the kids enjoyed was this scavenger hunt. I really didn't give any directions, just handed them the sheet of paper and a pencil. They ran about helping each other and trying to find each item (the most difficult was the worm which is why it...

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Birthday Parties

Birthday parties are getting intense. Right?  I remember a few birthday parties when I was a kid - they seemed so simple. We would choose a date, Mom would buy the little invitations from the store and we'd hand them out at school. We never rented a venue. We used the park, neighbors pools, our backyard, etc. We didn't have sack races and pony rides - we played in the sand box, swam, or simply just sat. Party favors? I recall coming home from friend parties with a hat and a fringed blow out thing. NOW, kids are sending home a full on gift to all the attendees.... I won't lie - I have two kids and we've overdone the...

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