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Kiona Christina

I had the honor to work with Kiona, an amazing functional nutrition + life coach. She wanted a logo that fit her super fun, energetic personality AND it had to have a sun. She loves the sunshine and the symbolism of the sun = happy vibes. She wants to radiate happiness to all of her clients and this logo speaks SO well to her, her brand, her personality, her style.  This logo came about when we agreed that round one didn't exactly hit the mark- we were close but none of the designs gave Kiona that "AH" feeling when you've hit the nail on the head. I reworked the fonts, colors, rearranged the sun and played with sizing - then this...

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Freaky Deaky Dutchman

Yup, you read that right, FREAKY DEAKY DUTCHMAN - an ode to a man who loves to brew beer out of his home. This was a design concept for a fundraiser - all the proceeds went to brew equipment.  This was a fun way for friends and family to support him in his craft ... plus now they all look good too!  You can still support the campaign too -

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