Overnight Success?

If you could have overnight success as a brand - would you take it? 

Sure, it sounds good - but a truly successful brand should be built up over time. Think of a simmering pot of soup - how those flavors really cut loose over time. {Yup, I likened your brand to a pot of soup and I mean it in the kindest way possible! }

So, how DO you build a brand over time? Check it out: 

1. First you need to define your brand and figure out your differentiator. What makes you different from all the other ________ brands out there? When customers visit you on Facebook, Instagram, etc. there must be one thing that ties it all together. 

2. Next you need to create a brand strategy. We talked about that before - you need consistency.

  • create a logo, identify colors, tone, and voice
  • share images that reflect your tone
  • choose and purchase your domain

3. Once all the nitty gritty stuff is set up - you'll need to get creative. 

  • website design
  • content creation
  • social media (where will you play?)

4. Now your brand is in motion - creative juices are flowing - sit down and create a Value Proposition. A value proposition is a promise of value to be delivered. A strong value proposition describes: 

  • what you do
  • how you do it
  • for whom you do it
  • what makes you different

5. Lastly, identify your customer. We could spend all day on this one - but the shortened version of identifying your customer is to visualize a sale. Visualize the person that needs your product, how do they find you? Why do they need you? What do they use your product / service for? How long will they use it? 

Ask / answer all the questions about that customer and narrow it down to find your niche.


I am a new brand - I am doing this same thing right now. I have gone through the nitty gritty and now I'm trying to narrow down my niche and figure out my target audience. This is no easy task and it does take time - but once you do this you can start targeting on social media and actually get some traction on your profiles which leads to more visitors on your website and ends with more sales.