Introducing the Entrepreneur Launch Program!

So you want to start a business….

I can’t tell you how many business ideas I’ve had over the last few years – each one seemingly a fabulous concept that I stew on for months only to burn out with overwhelm and let the idea fetter to the abyss of dead business notions.

So many questions come up when you want to start a business and, although you could page through any number of books like “Starting a Business for Dummies” and “The Practical Guide to Starting a Business”, you are still left sitting in front of your computer thinking, what’s next? What do I tackle first? How do I get this thing out of my head and onto a website and in front of the publics eye?

These are very good questions, and trust me, I had the same ones!

If there is anything I’ve learned over the past few months, it is that receiving guidance from those who have actually gone through what you are attempting – well, its priceless. The vulnerability of those willing to share their failures along side their successes only to help guide total strangers in the right direction builds rapport. You must have someone that you can trust! I, my friends, am that person. I am here to guide and support you in your business venture with uncompromised honesty.

It shouldn’t take that long to get a business up and running (if you know what you’re doing) and I can truthfully say, I had NO idea what I was doing in the beginning. I made all the mistakes and did everything backwards, but now I’m here – I’m successful – my business is thriving – and I have a desire to help YOU do the same (less the mistakes of course….).

I have created the Entrepreneur Launch program specifically for the female entrepreneur who is either just starting her business or is wanting to revamp an existing one. You might be a Mother. You might be a working professional starting a side hustle. You might be a working Mother starting a side hustle. You might be a college student with big dreams. You might be an employee wanting to branch out and create your own practice. Whatever you are – I know you are BUSY. I am here to save you time, money, and all the brain power possible so you can invest in YOUR business and bathe in success.

The core of this program is to help your business SURVIVE + THRIVE.

Sound interesting? Let’s go!


The Entrepreneur Launch program

Entrepreneur Launch Program Outline:

  • Onboarding phone call + Questionnaire – let’s make sure we are a good fit for each other before we dive in! I like to think of this as our first “date” where we get to know each other, shake off the nerves, and answer a few questions. Super fun!
  • Vision Dive – before we begin there are a few steps we must take to get your vision out of your head and onto paper. Your vision is what we will use to shape your brand and create a strategy specifically for you. We will be using some amazing {free} tools from Lori Kennedy, founder of the Wellness Business Hub and female entrepreneur extraordinaire.
  • Logo Design – logo design typically takes about 3 rounds until we get it right. We start here after the Vision Dive to feed off the inspiration you will get after dreaming about your business.

The logo design will include:

  • 2 Logo Concepts
  • Submarks
  • Color Palette
  • Font Suite
  • Format Files (jpeg, png, pdf, eps)
  • Brand Style Board
  • Social Media Essentials – It is super important to have your social media cohesive with your website. We will make sure your social profiles are all properly connected to your website and we’ll even doll up your look a bit.
    • Social Media Profile + Cover Images + Highlight Icons
      • Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn
    • Signature Branding – After we get your web presence up and running we will work on your collateral.
      • Stationary Branding Design
      • Business Card Design
    • Content Calendar – We have all been victim to those freebie ONE SIZE FITS ALL content calendars out there. Unfortunately, those are cheesy and NOT applicable to every industry. We will create a personalized 3, 6, or 12 month calendar with prompts to keep you on track in your content creation and sharing.
      • We can add-on grid templates (for use with Canva) if you would like further assistance in creating the IG grid of your dreams.